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The product is insulated with Fire Retardant PVC compound. The formulation of the FR compound is in house to control the quality of the PVC compound. The FR grade PVC used in this product has high oxygen & Temperature index due to these properties spread of fire even on very high temperature is restricted.

The compound has been formulated to offer high insulation resistance value & dielectric strength to avoid current leakage which can be detrimental to the installations and at the same time threat to the human life. The current leakage level has been controlled well below the safety norms i.e. is 0.75 mA.
Suitable for wiring in all types of residential and commercial infrastructure, where fire and electrical safety is utmost important.
Technical Data
Approvals : IS 694 marked, FIA/TAC
Voltage Grade : Up to and including 1100V
Conductor : Thin strands of electrolytic copper are multi-drawn for uniformity of resistance, dimension and flexibility. The strands are twisted with high precision to impart circularity for the conductor.
Insulation : Specially formulated flame retardant PVC insulation is used. The FR property retards the propagation of flame without compromising safety.
Insulation Conformity : IS 5831, Type A/D FR 70oC
Colours : Red, yellow, blue, black, green, grey & white
Packing : 90 mtr. coil is packed in protective cartons upto size 6 Sq. mm. 10mm2 and above up to 50mm2 in project packing . 70mm2 and above in 100meter length .Project packing of 180/270 meters. also available.

* Conductor as per IS 8130
** Insulation Type D as per IS 5831
Test Test Method Values
Limited Oxygen Index IS 10810 P-58 > 29%
Limited Temp. Index IS 10810 P-64 >250 °C

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